Sunday, April 5, 2009

Being a work at home mom

I spent a long time being a caregiver for people who were terminally ill. It is a very rewarding, touching, heartbreaking job! There is nothing harder then getting a close friendship going right at the end of someones life. You come to care for them and then have to watch them pass. Although it is a special thing to be able to be there for them and help them in a very difficult time in their life. It is still very hard.

My mom started smoking when she was 10 year's old and smoked about 2-3 pack's a day. By the time she was 34 she was diagnosed with Emphysema in the 2nd stage. I tried as a kid to get her to stop smoking but nothing ever worked. When my daughter was about 2 she finally just quite-cold turkey. By this time she was on oxygen and in the end stage's but she could still do things. A year later she got sick, caught pneumonia and ended up in the hospital. After this she got worse. She came home and was a little better then got sick again and went down another step. She continued like this until last year when she went into the hospital with lung failure and was put on hospice. She passed away February 29 2008 3 days after her 53rd birthday.

Before she ended up in the hospital that last time she found a company that offers work from home (trying to find something for my dad) my dad called them up, had a meeting with one of the associates and signed up. It was with a company called Pre-Paid Legal, he knew the company was good and had the service for years previous to this. He was definitely sold when he saw how much money could be made for offering Pre-Paid Legal and Identity Theft Shield services to people. His first month doing this (while my mom was on hospice) he made $1,000!

Well, I had been my mothers caregiver and so I was able to do that and take care of my little girl I was paid through my company but instead of my parents having to pay it, they qualified for AZ Long Term Care. When she passed I was not only heartbroken but I was also jobless.I just couldn't be a caregiver anymore so I signed up as an associate.

It allows me to be there for my daughter and also work towards a future that will be good for us. One that will allow us to enjoy life, do the things we couldn't normally do and have more opportunities. This is what I want for my daughter.

If there is anyone out there that wants to work from home but your scared of all the scams out there please check out my website, email me and I will answer any questions you have. I am grateful that my mom found this for my dad and I and I want to help others gain freedom, freedom from time, freedom from bills, and freedom from being held back from accomplishing what you want in life. Now is definitely the time!

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Brialee said...

So sorry about your mom sweetie. I can relate completely, as my mother passed away in July 2008. Same story of smoking, being on oxygen, diagnosed with COPD. She actually was on oxygen and progressively went downhill over a 10 year period. She was my best friend and there wasn't a day went by that we didn't talk on the phone or visit in person. The last three years were excruciating, watching her get worse and worse and knowing there was nothing I could do. Anyway, I saw so many similarities in your post and it really touched my heart. All the best to you :)

LegalChic said...

I know this is late but thank you :) Summer has been very time consuming so I haven't been blogging here as much. Thank you for the kind words though :)