Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hair Designs-My Little Hobby

It is funny, I have always come up with all these different ways to do Chelina's hair and everyone would always say how pretty it was and how do I do it. It is just something I like doing not only because I like doing hair but also because she likes having that something special.

One day I was on Google looking for a new idea possibly for getting her hair cut and I came across the "Hair Blogs" and I was like wow there are other moms doing this too lol! In a strange sort of way it is vindicating to have found them, I don't feel as weird lol.

Well I am going to post a couple of my older designs along with my newest which I came up with last night.I hope you like them as much as we do and I will post how too's if anyone is interested. So let me know what ya think!

Ok so still working on figuring out this blog posting stuff but I will give a breakdown of the pictures above. Sorry the pics are kinda placed weird lol.
#1 and 2 are the one I just came up with the other night. It is basically a small side braid in the front and two pigtail "flowers". The twist in the middle and the petals are hair folded outward and the hair coming down is the stem. I also did another version of this tonight for the Aloha Festival we are going to tomorrow in Tempe. I will post the pics tomorrow it is even better I think.
#3 is one I did for her 7 th Birthday. It is a ponytail with a lot of small braids then at the end of the braid I tie a ribbon around the rubber band and let it hang down then fold it from that part up to the top of the ponytail and have the un-braided ends curly at top (sorry you can't see that view) it looks nice with the ribbons hanging down.
#4 is two pigtails with lots of little curly braids and some un-braided hair twisted around and then tied up top to create that little curled under poof.
#5 is multiple ponies woven together with flower and butterfly hair ties.

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