Friday, March 13, 2009

I have come a long way from a commodore 64 lol

Well this is my first post and like the title says, my first computer was a Commodore 64 way back in tha day. Now I can say I have sites on a lot of the social networks and some I even created myself lol. I am still constantly learning.

My name is Brianna, I am a single work at home mom and I have a daughter who is 8 (Chelina). She is my pride and joy and I am grateful everyday to have her even when life is pretty crazy she can still make me smile and laugh. She has ADD/ADHD combo and always keeps me on my toes and in some cases going in circles. She takes meds but it doesn't always help and it always makes me nervous.....I wish she didn't have to take it but I have seen how she struggles without it.

I used to be a caregiver until last year. My last patient was my mother, I had been caring for her for 3 years (thank god for AZ Long Term Care-I couldn't have afforded it otherwise!) I finally ended up moving in with my parents because she was getting bad and needed more constant care. So my daughter and I packed up our nice 3 bedroom house to moving us both into a single bedroom in my parents was rough but I am glad I did. Last year my mom lost her fight against COPD and passed away 3 days after her 53 birthday. She was the second patient I had pass away. Sooo I decided I needed a change in careers cause it was getting to me way too much. So now I run a business from home and it is alot less stressful and heartbreaking :) I do miss helping people though.

So now you know a little bit about me......I will be making more post with all kinds of info for ya~!

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