Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Version-St Patricks Day Hairstyle.

I got this inspiration from another hair blog called Adopt A Do - Cute Hairstyles For Girls. It is a Four Leaf Clover that is Squishy Braided which I think almost resembles some of the Celtic Knot designs.

You definitly have to have long hair to do the Squishy Braid design because if how you braid and then push it up. I think it turned out ok- it's cute I just want to perfect it more. Here are the pics from last night....( I do her hair the night before so I don't have to rush in the morning doing it. If done properly it will make it through the night).

Let me know what you think :)
I definitly need a new digital camera lol.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Arizona Aloha Festival Hair-do

Yesterday was our first time going to the Aloha Festival in Tempe and it was great! There were some beautiful performances and lots of great stuff to buy (Ya shopping!) not to mention the yummy food and huge Hawaiian Shave Ice ummmm. We enjoyed it a lot and plan on making it every year. My family is from Hawaii but the festival is the closest I have gotten to Hawaii, gonna have to change that!

Anyways, I did a special version of the Flower hair style and got rave reviews at the festival. Instead of just the two, I did three across the top. Then for the hair coming down I made flower stems and it all turned out beautiful. The only bad part was that I took pictures of it right after doing it and they were great pictures then as I was at the festival I was deleting some older stuff to make room and disaster struck lol, I accidentally erased the pictures BUT I did take more unfortunately they were after the festival and her hair had a few fuzzies :(. At least you can see though. I love this hairstyle and I plan on doing some more to it like adding double layers of petals and maybe some beads or something....we will have to see, I will post though.

So I hope you like the pictures and let me know if you would like instructions on how to do this style:)

This is the back with the stems coming down. There is 4 petals but for some reason it looks
like there's only 3.

Front view with side swept bangs. At the festival-My little Keiki, Chelina.

~~ Aloha !! ~~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hair Designs-My Little Hobby

It is funny, I have always come up with all these different ways to do Chelina's hair and everyone would always say how pretty it was and how do I do it. It is just something I like doing not only because I like doing hair but also because she likes having that something special.

One day I was on Google looking for a new idea possibly for getting her hair cut and I came across the "Hair Blogs" and I was like wow there are other moms doing this too lol! In a strange sort of way it is vindicating to have found them, I don't feel as weird lol.

Well I am going to post a couple of my older designs along with my newest which I came up with last night.I hope you like them as much as we do and I will post how too's if anyone is interested. So let me know what ya think!

Ok so still working on figuring out this blog posting stuff but I will give a breakdown of the pictures above. Sorry the pics are kinda placed weird lol.
#1 and 2 are the one I just came up with the other night. It is basically a small side braid in the front and two pigtail "flowers". The twist in the middle and the petals are hair folded outward and the hair coming down is the stem. I also did another version of this tonight for the Aloha Festival we are going to tomorrow in Tempe. I will post the pics tomorrow it is even better I think.
#3 is one I did for her 7 th Birthday. It is a ponytail with a lot of small braids then at the end of the braid I tie a ribbon around the rubber band and let it hang down then fold it from that part up to the top of the ponytail and have the un-braided ends curly at top (sorry you can't see that view) it looks nice with the ribbons hanging down.
#4 is two pigtails with lots of little curly braids and some un-braided hair twisted around and then tied up top to create that little curled under poof.
#5 is multiple ponies woven together with flower and butterfly hair ties.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I have come a long way from a commodore 64 lol

Well this is my first post and like the title says, my first computer was a Commodore 64 way back in tha day. Now I can say I have sites on a lot of the social networks and some I even created myself lol. I am still constantly learning.

My name is Brianna, I am a single work at home mom and I have a daughter who is 8 (Chelina). She is my pride and joy and I am grateful everyday to have her even when life is pretty crazy she can still make me smile and laugh. She has ADD/ADHD combo and always keeps me on my toes and in some cases going in circles. She takes meds but it doesn't always help and it always makes me nervous.....I wish she didn't have to take it but I have seen how she struggles without it.

I used to be a caregiver until last year. My last patient was my mother, I had been caring for her for 3 years (thank god for AZ Long Term Care-I couldn't have afforded it otherwise!) I finally ended up moving in with my parents because she was getting bad and needed more constant care. So my daughter and I packed up our nice 3 bedroom house to moving us both into a single bedroom in my parents apartment.....it was rough but I am glad I did. Last year my mom lost her fight against COPD and passed away 3 days after her 53 birthday. She was the second patient I had pass away. Sooo I decided I needed a change in careers cause it was getting to me way too much. So now I run a business from home and it is alot less stressful and heartbreaking :) I do miss helping people though.

So now you know a little bit about me......I will be making more post with all kinds of info for ya~!